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About us

At Grupo6, before being professionals in the real estate sector in Valencia, we are a human team made up of experts and passionate about real estate management. This is precisely what differentiates us from the rest, where the passion that we apply to our work is what has allowed us to become one of the main references in the entire province of Valencia in the sale of all kinds of homes.

At Grupo6 we know how important a property is for you, whether it is to sell it, to buy it or to rent it, hence the wide catalog of comprehensive services that we offer in a completely personalized way for our clients. And it is that, we are a solid, established company with more than X years of experience in the sector, which gives us the confidence and security to offer you the best results.

The priority objective is your satisfaction, hence the total involvement of our young and dynamic team to offer full coverage in the promotion, rental, transfers, purchase, sale and construction of all types of urban and rustic real estate. From new and second-hand homes to chalets and farms, always offering the best guarantees with up to 100% financing.


We want to be the real estate agency in Valencia that you choose to find the house or apartment you are looking for.


Pz Nou D\'Octubre, nº 7
Bajo Lliria 46160 - Valencia


962 798 050 - 634 002 696

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